Here are the rules of conduct in the Real Bible Believers Connect group.

The administrators reserve the rights to amend, change or add to the RBB Connect system at any time, without prior notice.

(1) Recommendations are not allowed for different works or online sources that are not Bible-Believing. No source is perfect, but a recommended source is usually known if the majority of Bible-Believing churches would use it. You can always ask us or research through our list of recommended preachers, works, and online sources that can help you find recommendations.

(2) No post is allowed that puts down a fellow Christian in this blog. Please do not be a burden to others by being weird or critical. Ask yourself, “Are my posts more of a blessing rather than a burden to others?”

(3) No post is allowed that violates or questions our statement of faith. If anyone has a disagreement or question the statement of faith, the person should personally contact one of the moderators and not post it public online. The statement of faith should be agreed before joining RBB, so a person who differs is obviously not in the right place to disagree in this group. It should be done somewhere else.

(4) No rebellious attitude is allowed. You agree to refrain from talking back, practice listening, and follow directions unless scripture is clearly violated.

(5) No bad testimony is allowed, especially since the public can use it to ruin the testimony of our ministry.

(6) No spread of information or rumor is allowed when it is unwise or inappropriate for others to know.

(7) Please limit yourselves to 1 post per day and 1 response per post each day. The 1 response must be on-topic with the post’s topic and not something strange that starts a different topic. We can allow more than 1 response per post when it is necessary.

(8) Of course, we can ask prayer for struggles and bear each other’s burdens in RBB, but it is not a place for personal grievances. Before posting, ask yourself, “If a church is constantly filled with people sharing personal grievances, wouldn’t it create an uncomfortable atmosphere to others outside?” It is not a good testimony if RBB is filled with many posts on grievances of self. If all Pastor Gene Kim did was share his personal grievances to the audience, others would obviously not like it, and it becomes a bad testimony to the world. So please don’t be offended if moderators delete such posts for the sake of protecting the ministry’s testimony.

Please understand what this connect group is for. It’s intended to be a blessing to others, not you alone. You can only enjoy this connect group when your mind is thinking about others, not yourself. Thank you!