Is Jesus Jehovah God?

Answer: Yes, Jesus is Jehovah God. In the New World Translation of the Jehovah Witness Bible, it confirms in John 20:28-29, Thomas called Jesus, “my Lord and my God.”

He did not say that out of excitement because Jesus confirmed Thomas’ statement rather than condemning it.

If the Father is the only one that’s God, why would Jesus approve of that statement?

Then also in John 19:37, a prophecy is fulfilled about piercing Jesus Christ.

Only one passage in the entire Bible shows that, which is Zachariah 12:1,10 and that is Jehovah speaking.

Also in John 1:1,14, the Bible says the Word was God. And the word became flesh and dwelt among us.


Jesus Christ is the word who dwelt among flesh and He is God.

But the Jehovah Witness Bible says the word was a god.

This is a strange cult.