Fate is Under my Command

A lot of people could have improved their spiritual life should they choose to. You lost…

Sermons • Feb 15th, 2020

Shaken of a reed - Missionary Pizzo in Spain

What are people looking for when they went to John the baptist, for a reed shaken…

Sermons • Feb 15th, 2020

Fall on your Knees

Paul knelt down and left again to the ship. In the midst of the hustle and…

Sermons • Feb 15th, 2020

10 Things You Don't Know About Gene Kim

There are people that I have met as I visited other churches and people think that…

Sermons • Feb 15th, 2020

How does Gene Kim pastor his church?

How do you have joy? This is the common acronym - J-O-Y: Jesus first, Others next,…

Sermons • Feb 9th, 2020

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