Many have heard about the fiasco with Steven Crowder and the Daily Wire.

What’s a Christian response to that (Steven Crowder and Daily Wire)?

Well, 1 Timothy 6:4 and 10 points out that strife comes out because the love of money is the root of all evil.

Whatever happened between the two, the point is money was involved and that’s why strife came out.

If those two are truly the people that cast off the works of darkness, then they should have read Romans 13:12-14, which points out, when they walk honestly then there wouldn’t be any strife and division.

Whether it be the fault of the Daily Wire making the contract, squeezing the money, or Steve Crowder dishonestly recording his own friend, the point is if those dishonest means were out of the way, there wouldn’t be contention.

Also if those two knew the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ, then they wouldn’t have fought.

Notice in 1 Timothy 6:4 and 10, the context is in verse 3, if they knew the entire doctrine of Jesus Christ.