Did Jesus really turn water into alcoholic wine?

Actually no. The Bible shows, outline is synonymous to the word grape juice in Song of Solomon 8:2.

Notice that the juice of the pomegranate matches with the word wine, as well as Genesis 49:11, that the juice of the graves matches with the word wine.

There are also many quotes and examples of people who drank wine as grape juice.

If Jesus really created alcoholic wine, then he would have violated His own word.

Many of the people will argue, “It’s okay to drink moderately but not get drunk.”

However, in John 2, when Jesus Christ did the miracle of turning water into wine, the verse says, at verse 10 that they have well drunk.

In verse 6, they set up six waterpots of stone, that’s enough to make a whole army drunk.

Then, Jesus would have violated His own word.