Did the Catholic Church replace Saturday with their Pagan day, Sunday for Christians to worship God?

Answer: No. There are too many evidences that say otherwise.

  1. Acts 20:7. The Apostle Paul held church service on Sunday.
  2. 1 Corinthians 16:1-2. The churches held a church offering in their service on Sunday.
  3. Acts 2:1-4,47 shows the official first Christian church started on a Sunday.

The reason why Christians worship on Sunday is because of Christ’s resurrection.

And there are too many evidences that the first century early Christians did that.

Evidence includes …. Scalia II, Ignatius and Justin Martyr’s quote.

One quote reads “the apostles further appointed on the first day of the week. Let there be service and the reading
of the Holy scriptures and the oblation because on the first day of the week, our Lord rose from the place of the dead.”