Dispensationalism is NOT a Cult of Darby or Scofield

Many churches will proclaim that dispensationalism is a cult: recent teaching that is heresy and spread by Darby and Scofield. This is not true. Dispensationalism is not as recent as the 1800s, as many will claim. It goes back all the way to the 2nd or 3rd century, according to the historical evidence of dispensationalism! It started with Justin Martyr and has carried through all the way until today. Augustine even believed there were different eras of time where dispensations were given differently.

On the pre tribulation rapture, that was not made up by Darby. It was in the fourth century by Ephraim, quote,

“See to it that this sentence being fulfilled among you have the prophet who declares war. Woe to those who desire to see the day of the Lord, for all the saints and elect of God are gathered prior to the tribulation that is to come and are taken to the Lord.”

Augustine he even believed there were different ages of time dealt differently. It’s by Philip Scharf in his first series, Volume I, pages 482 to 483.

“The divine institution of sacrifice was suitable in the former dispensation, but is not suitable now. God that’s in brackets is the unchangeable creator of immutable things, the dispensations adapted to each successive age, changes of successive epochs without any change in himself. This exchange of the sacraments of the Old Testament for those of the new had been predicted by the voices of the prophets, all those things which He assigns, according to their variety to the several ages. That which was for one age rightly ordain may be in another age rightly changed, the alteration indicating a change in the world, not in the plan of Him who makes the change.” (Augustine letter XXXVI, library of the Nicene and post Nicene fathers.)

Different types of raptures are not some recent teaching made up by Ruckman because in 1920, Clarence Larkin drew twice the church saints being raptured before the tribulation. And then after the tribulation, another group of saints  raptured. He calls that the harvest church, and then the Gleanings for the tribulation saints. That’s found in his chart, Larkin dispensational truth, page 106.

In 1944, Calvinist who were against dispensationalism held a creed together a church statement doctrine together.

“It is a unanimous opinion of your committee, that dispensationalism is out of accord with the system of the doctrine set forth in the confession of faith, not primarily or simply in the field of eschatology, but because it attacks the very heart of the theology of our church. Dispensationalism rejects the doctrine that God has since the fall, but one plan of salvation for all mankind, and affirms that God has been through the ages, administering various and diverse plans of salvation for various groups.”

So you’ll notice right here, that dispensationalism is not recent cultic teaching by Darby, Scofield, or Ruckman. It has been taught ever since right long ago right over here. It’s something that’s been carried down from early history.

The reason why a lot, it’s not emphasized as much is that a lot of churches do not want to tolerate different doctrines. But this is a core essential and teaching if you want to make a difference of right and wrong doctrine.

Was Satan Behind Scofield, Darby, and Dispensationalism?

Opponents of dispensationalism will attack its teachings based on the sins of Scofield and Darby. Some even say that Scofield is part of the Illuminati. That is an invalid argument. They are simply attacking the people and not the argument itself. What sense does it make to attack the people because they are sinful? We are all sinful! The Bible tells us so. God uses sinful people for His glory all throughout the Scriptures.

Look at David: he is one of the most influential figures in the Bible, but he was a murderer and adulterer. His son, King Solomon, was an idol worshipper who went after pagan women! And he wrote three books of the Bible. King Solomon was an idol worshipper who went after pagan women. The Apostle Peter wrote two books of the Bible and he cut off a person’s ear.

As dispensationalists, we don’t look towards men like Scofield and Darby: we look towards the right teachings of the Bible.

CULT Pastors Hate Scofield: Legacy of Weirdos

Cult pastors who claim to be dispensationalists love to attack Scofield. How do you dismantle truth? You attack the source. But these cult pastors love to attack the person and not the source of the argument. If you attack the person, it’s not fair or right because we can attack anyone’s life. We are all sinful people. In Scofield’s case, we must remember that he was a lost sinner before becoming a man of faith. People criticized Scofield’s past before he was saved. He was a drunkard and abandoned his wife and children. He was convicted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and became saved. Those who attack him wrongly attack his past and his correcting of the King James Bible.

They also try to connect him to the Illuminati because of his connection with the Lotus Club. Joseph Canfield, who is Scofield’s opponent said this, “It defies understanding that an obscure pastor from the Winter lands whose literary output up to 1901 consisted of very sectarian booklets, articles and courses would be considered acceptable in the Lotus Club.” Scofield joined a prestigious club to help to propel the idea of dispensationalism. He had political backings because he was previously a lawyer. Then, the Illuminati used his fellowship to promote a Jewish agenda. Let’s not forget that Jesus also fellowshipped with publican sinners and Pharisees, to try to win their souls.