John 3:5 is used by people that one must be water baptized in order to be born again.

However, in John 3:5, when Jesus says “that which is born of water versus that which is born of the spirit” is interpreted in the very next verse.

Verse 6, that which is born of the flesh is versus that which is born of the spirit.

So he’s talking about two births.

That’s why it’s called born again.

The first birth is your physical birth.

The second birth is your spiritual birth.

When you get born in the flesh, when a pregnant mother is about to give birth to a child, they would say her water broke.

The evidence is also given in 1 John 5:6, it mentions that Jesus Christ when he got born into this world he was born with water and blood.

So a water birth is referring to a physical birth.

Another evidence is there is no mention of baptism in John 3.