Does John 6 say God draws only the elect?

John 6:44,65 are used by Calvinists to prove that no one can come to the Father except the Father draws him.

However, in verse 65, it explains that they cannot come to the Father based on because they didn’t believe in Christ for salvation.

Not because that they do nothing and God has to force them.

As a matter of fact, Psalm 73:28 shows that a person can be drawn to God, if they believe, if they trust in God, for their salvation.

In James 4:8, notice that these people can draw to God themselves and they don’t have to wait to be enforced by God to be drawn.

And notice right here in Matthew 15:8-9, the reason why those Jews could not draw themselves to God, is because they were trying to go by their own tradition by their own religious works rather than on believing in Christ.