Genesis 2 is used by people to prove that observance of the Sabbath was before the law of Moses.

So God sanctified the Sabbath, He remembered it. Hence, the Sabbath should be kept.

However, it was never revealed to man, it was only to God.

God is the one who sanctified it himself.

He was the one that remembered it himself.

He never revealed it to man.

Nehemiah 9 proves that it was not made known to man until Moses revealed it to the Jews.

Ezekiel 20 points out that the Sabbath was a sign for Jews between God and the Jews alone. Nobody else.

1 Corinthians 1 points out that the Jews are the ones who require a sign, but non Jews around the world are not the ones who require a sign.

Remember in Genesis 2; who wrote that verse about the Sabbath? It was Moses, the Jew who gave the law to the Jews.