Matthew 28:19-20: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

Bible-believing Christianity started through this command. When the Lord Jesus Christ gave this command, He gave it to 11 apostles and perhaps only a few hundred other Christians at that time. Christianity was a minority. It started by a Jew, a carpenter’s son, yet how did such a movement survive for thousands of years and become so powerful?

The word ‘Christian’ originated from Antioch. In the book of Acts in the Bible, it is written that it was at Antioch where they were first called Christians, and that’s how Christianity started. In Acts 2, there was a great revival where apostle Peter preached, churches were planted, and God’s movement started spreading. The name ‘Christian’ came out later at the city of Antioch—the heart of the Bible-believing Christianity. At Antioch, the copies of the manuscripts for our King James Bible—the Byzantine manuscripts—were received.



Early Christians

Christians were heavily persecuted and tortured during this period.

Satan wanted to wipe Christianity off the map—he used bloody persecution.

So many Christians were tortured and persecuted that the lions were sick and tired of eating Christians, their bellies filled with so many dead bodies. Bloodthirsty governors, who enjoyed the entertainment of Christians’ slaughtering at the Colosseum, were so sick and tired of the slaughter with their conscience nudging them that they begged the Caesareans to stop their persecution. That’s how much blood was poured.

Diocletian’s persecution was infamously known for thousands and thousands of Christians. In fact, he killed so many Christians that one time Diocletian cried out, “The name of Christian is extinguished!” But you know what, Christianity increased even more.

Women and little children held hands and surrounded each other, singing hymns as lions came out of their dens and tore them to pieces. In mockery of some of the Christians, soldiers thrust the spear to their side and placed a crown of thorns on their head before crucifying the men. Some Christians saw that as a privilege—dying just like the Lord Jesus Christ, their Savior.

It was unthinkable. Christianity continued to spread, getting so powerful that even the devil couldn’t stop it.

11 Apostles

Most of the 11 apostles died as martyrs for the Lord Jesus Christ, some of which died during street preaching against pagan festivals and the sins people were committing.


Polycarp, one of the early Christian at that time, was discipled under the apostle John.

In his 80’s, he was tied to a stake to be burnt alive for Jesus Christ. When he was asked to repent, Polycarp cried out, “Eighty and six years have I served Him and He never once wronged me. How then shall I blaspheme my King who has saved me?”

They got angry and burned him at stake, but he did not die. One of his prosecutors got so angry that he thrust a spear at Polycarp, but his blood poured out and doused the first fire. Yet, he was still breathing, and they had to light up a second fire on top of that to finish the job.


Ignatius was another early Christian leader during that time.

When he was arrested, Ignatius told the Christians, “Don’t you dare come and get me out of this prison. I want to die for the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

When he came out of the prison and the lions out of their dens, Ignatius welcomed the lions with open arms, saying, “I am the wheat of Christ. I am going to be grounded with the teeth of wild beasts that I may be found pure bread.”


Tertullian, perhaps one of the most Bible-believing leaders of that time, wrote about this martyrdom of the Christians. He said, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.”

He was saying that martyrs planted more and more fruit of Bible-believing Christians. Let the blood spill! Let the blood pour!

When Satan realized that this wasn’t working out, he turned his gaze to the intellectPlato and Aristotle (Philosophy)

In Greece, Plato and Aristotle opened up a philosophy where they started to critique Christianity and use reason above the word of God.

Most likely, some of the famous philosophers during those days and many of the current students, trained by Plato and Aristotle, were mocking apostle Paul when he preached at Mars Hill, Athens, about his preaching of the resurrection.

Satan used the philosophers to affect the world to not have to listen to Bible-believing Christians.


Alexandria, Egypt, took the philosophies of the Grecians.

They became the enemy camp of the early Christians, where they started to write their own manuscripts, which were later used in our modern Bible versions, for example, the NIV. (KJV came from Antioch).

Alexandria started to alter the word of God to what they thought were the right words. Why? Because they believe they’re very smart people, too smart for God.


During that time, Rome was another enemy camp of the early Christians.

When the Nestorian and Syrian Christians came out, they were considered the oddballs. The official Christianity, called ‘Western Churches,’ was kicked out by Alexandria and Rome.

When Rome came to the scene, the Catholic church was born through Constantine. At that time, Rome was dying, but Satan wouldn’t let it because he had to use it in the end times at Rev 17. 

Christianity was so strong, growing, and become more powerful. So what did Satan do to conserve Rome? He used Constantine to preserve Rome’s power by mingling Christianity with paganism. That’s how Rome survived—through religion, not through its secular power, but pretty soon, religion did become a secular power itself.

Church Fathers and Early Popes

Church fathers and early popes contributed greatly to the teachings of Roman Catholicism.

Roman Catholicism’s teaching did not emerge immediately—it came out over a long time. That’s how heresy and sin always work—through a process of time.

Church fathers and early popes affecting Catholic doctrine, and that’s how Catholicism was born:

  • Pope Siricius created the word ‘Pope.’
  • Church father Augustine taught the wrong doctrines that the sprinkling baptism for babies equaled salvation. He also wrongly applied all the verses for Israel to the Roman Catholics as spiritual Israel.
  • Celestine I replaced the pagan goddess with the Virgin Mary— they exalt the Virgin Mary because she emerged from a pagan goddess.
  • Church father Jerome created the Catholic Latin Vulgate Bible, which also became the enemy camp of Antioch’s manuscripts.

Through this line of manuscripts and history, the devil used these people to accomplish his goal—the disappearance of Christianity.



The dark ages was a time of great darkness and accomplishment from Satan. It was the time when he won, where Christianity faded and fell away.

There was a blind dependency on the church due to illiteracy of the scriptures in Latin (Latin Vulgate Bible). Since all the scriptures were in Latin at that time, Christians couldn’t find the truth themselves, making them slaves to whatever the church fathers and the pope said. They were rendered deeply dependent on other men.

Corruption of popes

The popes themselves were very corrupted. They slept with whores, bought the papal offices with bribes, committed adultery on the supposed tombs of Peter and Paul, had dozens of illegitimate children running around the Vatican, and lavished themselves with billions of dollars worth of gold.

And they did all these things in the name of Jesus.


The inquisition was a horrendous, torturous period. They would pull a person up to court without him having even the vaguest of knowledge of why he was brought in. They would then force that person through torture to confess crimes he didn’t even commit.

A complete list of tortures that were performed can be found in Fox’s Book of Martyrs.

A small example of torture:

A victim burns on the stake for hours. The priest then ties gunpowder bags around the victim’s neck and lets the fire catch up on the gunpowder so that their head gets blown off. That was the easiest and most merciful way to die because they didn’t want the victim to burn for hours.

When making the victims confess, they would inflict on them a series of tortures. An example of this is what follows:

At the first time of torturing, six executioners would enter, stripping him naked to his drawers, and laying him upon his back on a kind of stand, elevated a few feet from the floor. The operation commenced by putting an iron collar around his neck and a ring on each foot, fastening him to the stand. Then they wounded two ropes round each thigh to stretch out his limbs. These ropes, which would be passed under the scaffold through holes specifically for that purpose, were drawn simultaneously by four of the men. It is easy to conceive that the pains which immediately succeeded were intolerable—the ropes, small of size, would cut through the prisoner’s flesh, making the blood gush out at eight different bound places at a time. As the prisoner persisted in not confessing what the inquisitors wanted, the ropes were drawn in this manner four times successively.

The manner of inflicting the second round of torture was forcing his arms backward so that the palms of his hands were turned outward behind him. A rope was then used to fasten them together at the wrists. This rope would  then be turned by an engine, drawing them nearer to each other by degrees in such a manner that the back of each hand touched and stood exactly parallel. In consequence of this violent contortion, both shoulders would be dislocated, and a considerable quantity of blood issued from his mouth. This torture was repeated thrice, after which he would be retaken to the dungeon where the surgeon reset his dislocated bones.

Two months after the second torture, the prisoner, being a little recovered, was again ordered to the torture room. For the last time, he would be made to undergo another kind of punishment, which was inflicted twice without any intermission. The executioners fastened a thick iron chain around his body, which crossed at the breast and terminated at the wrists. They then placed him back against a thick board, where at each extremity was a pulley through which ran a rope that caught the end of the chain at his wrists. The executioner then stretched the end of his rope through a roller placed at a distance behind him, pressing or bruising his stomach as the ends of the chains were drawn tighter. They tortured him to such a degree that his wrists, as well as his shoulders, would become quite dislocated again. However, these dislocated wrists and soldiers would soon be reset by the surgeons. But the barbarians, not yet satisfied with their cruelty, made him immediately undergo this torture again, which he would still sustain with equal constancy and resolution. After this, the victim was remanded to the dungeon and attended by the surgeon to dress his bruises and adjust the dislocated parts. Afterward, he would continue until their auto da fe or jail delivery, where he would be discharged, crippled, and diseased for life.

The total number of killed victims through Inquisition through similar tortures ranges between 50 to 100 million people.



God started to revive Christianity, bringing about the Reformation. The Lord decided to make a comeback with these people starting to come into the scene as Bible-believing Christians.

Vaudois (Waldensians)

The Lord raised a new group of people, the Vaudois.

As Catholics have their own bible (the Latin Vulgate), these people have their own bible. That’s where the KJV traditional text came from—the ‘Old Latin.’ This is one of the greatest evidence supporting the ancient manuscripts of the King James Bible, going back to somewhere between 150 – 180 AD.

The Lord used the Vaudois around southern and central Europe.

During that period, they would assign people in houses to memorize passages. They would not only tear pages off from the manuscripts and hide them in their coats, but they would also memorize them and hide them in their hearts. That’s how they preserved the words—that’s how the Lord mightily used these people.

When one was about to be burned at the stake, he told those Catholics, “Hey, you better buy more wood to burn as there are will be more Waldensians because we are going to multiply.”

Why? Because he quoted, “The Word endureth forever.” In saying these words, he was referring to the word of God in their minds and ears. He’s saying that “We’re going to live, we’re going to be preserved, and we’re going to continue.”


God raised Savonarola at the headquarters of Italy, where the Roman Catholic church was located.

When Savonarola was ministering in Italy, he was a preacher who was forbidden to continue under the ban of the pope, but he didn’t care. He kept preaching and ministering. He even held bonfires in his city to burn pornography, pagan, and worldly objects.

When he was offered a red Catholic cardinal hat, he replied, “I’d take a red hat of blood for Jesus Christ instead.”

And that’s what he got. He was burnt at the stake, but before, the priest said to him, “I separate you from the church militant and from the church triumphant!” Savonarola replied, “Only from the church militant, the other is not within your jurisdiction.”

John Wycliffe

Wycliffe was known as “the morning star of the Reformation.”

He was a brilliant man, a scholar from Oxford, and he ministered in England.

He copied the entire English Bible by hand.

His followers were poor, ragged, street preachers called Lollard.

When Wycliffe fell ill and was near death, the Catholic friars hurried to his bedside, hoping he would repent. But instead, he preached to them, “I shall not die, but live and again declare the evil deeds of the friars.”

God spared his life, and he kept kicking them ever since.

John Huss

The Lord used him around Czechoslovakia on Bohemia. John Huss was influenced by John Wycliffe’s writings and was known as the scholar of Prague.

He preached to the people in the common tongue of that day. But this tongue was forbidden; the Catholic Church had said that all preaching had to be done in Latin since that’s where the ‘Bible’ came from, the Latin Vulgate.

For that reason, they condemned him to be burnt at the stake. But when he was tied to the burning stake, he rejoiced instead, quoting, “My Lord Jesus Christ was bound with a harder chain than this for my sake. Why then should I be ashamed of this rusty one?” When the priest opened up his arms and said, “We commit thy soul to the devil,” John Huss cried out, “But I commit my soul into thy hands O Lord Jesus Christ.”

He died singing hymns while being burnt alive.

On the same day that John Huss was burnt alive, they dug up John Wycliffe’s dead body, brought it to court, condemned it, burnt his dead body, and threw his ashes into the river. The Catholics wanted to make an example—they were tired of these men and wanted to show them that it doesn’t matter whether you’re dead or alive because they were still the ones in charge.

But before dying, Huss made a prediction. He cried out to them, “You are now going to burn a goose, but in a century, you will have a swan which you can neither roast nor boil.” God blessed that prediction—what the swan represents will be explained later on.


Erasmus was one of the most genius manuscript scholars. He was praised by kings all over.

He had to translate the Bible, but the Catholic church possessed all the manuscripts, so he had to go to the Catholic church. But he was not a very good Catholic because he wrote tracts critiquing some of the popes and the Catholic church itself.

That’s where the Textus Receptus manuscripts came from—Waldensian’s Old Latin and Byzantine texts.

Erasmus was the one who made the following documents available:

  •     Luther German
  •     Diodati Italian
  •     Valera Spanish
  •     Tyndale English

Martin Luther

At the same time, the Lord raised the swan, Martin Luther.

Germany was the Lord’s intention at that time.

Martin Luther was a dedicated Catholic monk who had earned his doctorate and become a priest. When he went on a pilgrimage to Rome out of adoration to Rome itself, he went down to his knees and said, “Holy Rome, I salute thee.” But when he went inside Rome, he was shocked to see so much fornication, drinking, gambling, and irreverence in the church and the city.

Out of disgust, he said, “If there is a hell, Rome is built upon it.”

He read Romans 1:17: “The just shall live by faith,” and he got saved.

Pope Leo built the largest Catholic church, Saint Peter’s Cathedral. He was losing money—he was bankrupt—so he started selling Indulgences, stating that if one buys this Indulgence, he or she will get full forgiveness of sins. But Pope Leo went further than this; he promised that if one’s loved ones were burning in purgatory, their soul would go up to heaven immediately.

So many poor souls bought this Indulgence because they were in the dark ages and didn’t know better. Luther got so mad that he posted 95 arguments (also known as ‘The 95 Theses’) in front of the Catholic church door. These spread like wildfire, and even the pope heard about him.

In one of the statements, Luther said, “If the pope really has pure Christian charity and he has the power of God’s forgiveness, why does he not empty up all of the purgatory right now?” 

The pope got mad and wanted to ban and excommunicate Martin Luther. Instead, he gave Luther 60 days to retract his writing. When Luther got the mail, he asked, “When do I retract my writing?” They replied, “Tomorrow.”

Luther then held a large bonfire in Wittenberg, Germany, where he took that papal bull proclaiming his excommunication. In front of all Wittenberg, he shouted, “Rome, because you destroyed the works of God, let God destroy you in these flames,” and he tore the papal bull in half and tossed it into the fire. All Christians in Wittenberg followed him by throwing in all Catholic objects, Catholic books, and papal bulls into the fire.

The most powerful religious leader was the pope, while the most powerful secular leader was King Charles. Now King Charles finally heard about Luther and asked to see him. When Luther was brought in front of King Charles, he said, “I cannot go against conscience because it is bound to the text of the Bible. To go against conscience is neither right nor safe, so I cannot, and I will not recant. Here I stand, so help me, God. Amen.”

King Charles kicked him out too, and Luther was excommunicated everywhere. He wasn’t going to survive, but the Lord preserved him—one of the dukes hid Luther, and that’s when he produced Luther’s German Bible.

The Catholic empire started crumbling as more dukes, princes, and rulers started listening to Luther one by one.

King Charles’ empire was crumbling too because now there’s Protestant and Catholic power. At the same time, the Muslims were also invading the Catholic countries.

On his final meeting with the Protestant dukes and rules, King Charles said, “Unite with us. Don’t let the empire crumble down under the banner of Holy Mother Church. Renounce these heresies.”

These rich, elite dukes and rules had heard rumors that they could be tortured by the Spanish Inquisition, which was the worst branch of the Inquisition, but they did not give in to King Charles. Instead, they went down on their knees one by one and said, “If you want to kill me, you can go ahead and chop off my head right here right now.” But the king could not do anything because he needed them to keep the empire going.

They said, “By the blood of Jesus Christ we are now made free man. Free now and free forever. Amen!” And that’s how we are free today from that devilish church. Thank God!

John Knox

God used John Knox to shake up Scotland, who is considered to the Presbyterian Church’s founder.

His prayers were so powerful that they shook up the whole nation of Scotland.

He was imprisoned in the galley (a ship propelled mainly by rowing) for 19 months. This was the worst kind of slavery and imprisonment at that time, but he still prayed.

He put the fear of God all over Scotland. So much so that the Catholic Queen of Scotland, Mary Queen of Scots, cried out, “I fear John Knox’s prayer more than all the assembled armies of Europe.”

William Tyndale

William Tyndale was another key player for the King James Bible that we know today.

One time, he was eating with a few Catholic scholars, talking about the pope. William Tyndale said to them, “I defy the pope and all his laws. If God spares my life, ere many years, I will cause a boy that driveth a plough to know more of the scriptures than the pope.” Ever since then, his life was marked.

Tyndale lived in a time when one of the worst kings of England reigned, King Henry VIII. He was so arrogant and wicked that he broke off from the Catholic church, and because of that, God turned his attention to England and used a wicked king to grow Bible-believing Christians.

Tyndale was chased all over by King Henry VIII and the Catholic church, but Tyndale kept translating the Bible to English. When the Catholics finally caught him and tied him to the stake, he hadn’t finished the English Bible yet, but he gave one last cry to God, “Lord, open the King of England’s eyes!” It was very unlikely to happen, but King Henry VIII took Tyndale’s Bible and had some scholars look through it, but they couldn’t find any genuine flaws within it. Then King Henry VIII said, “If there be no heresies in this book, let this book be spread abroad through all the people.”

Finally, people had access to the Bible—something that they hadn’t for centuries until a wicked king, King Henry VIII, gave them their freedom.


This is an important group of people one needs to know—those who were one of the root causes of our Baptist heritage, the Anabaptists.

They were considered as radicals and extremists compared to the official Christians; even Wycliffe/Huston/Erasmus/Luther/Knox believed this. The Anabaptists went so much by the Bible, dismissing more and more Catholic teachings that they started to look radical and extremist.

Anabaptists were known for their thorough knowledge of the Bible, so much so that they were excellent at debates, and neither Catholics nor Protestants could crush them. In fact, both these groups ended persecuting them.

One particular Anabaptist debated so successfully in front of the Catholic council that he had this tongue cut out, his flesh torn seven times with iron tongs, and finally burnt alive. But before all that, he told his Catholic persecutors, “Send for the most learning men. If they show us with Holy Scriptures that we are in error and wrong, we will gladly retract and repent, and we’ll gladly suffer condemnation and the punishment for our offense. But if we cannot be proved in error, I hope to God that you will repent and let yourselves be taught.”



Catholics realized that they needed to get England back, otherwise Protestant Christianity was going to spread even more.

Showdown of Kings

After King Henry VIII’s death, Edward VI took over. He favored the Protestants and authorized 35 editions of the New Testament. He died at 15 years of age.

A Catholic ruler then took over. Her name was Bloody Mary. She burnt thousands of Protestants. Her husband, Phillip II of Spain, was the most powerful ruler at that time. His Spanish ships even started sailing to the new world and conquering countries there. But God protected England and its throne from Phillip and Bloody Mary because they couldn’t reproduce children.

When Queen Elizabeth took over, she prospered England’s Protestant empire. Because of that, the Catholic Jesuits tried to kill her several times. They went to Mary, Queen of Scots, to use her in dethroning Elizabeth. But God preserved Elizabeth, and she conquered and executed Mary, the Queen of Scots.

Spanish Armada


When this did not work out, Jesuits resorted to another tactic.

Phillip II of Spain launched his Spanish Armada in an attempt to take over England. England was guaranteed to lose because their ships were inferior compared to the Spanish Armada.

But God protected England once again; a big wind came and blew the Spanish Armada all the way up to Iceland, where they were stuck, and the rest of the ships were conquered by the English ships.

Phillip II of Spain lost his power because of that, the most humiliating defeat of all history. Why? Because God came into the scene and protected England.

KJV (1611) Translation

King James came to the scene in the year 1611. Neither the devil nor the Jesuits wanted this to happen, no matter what.

King James hired scholars from Westminister, Cambridge, and Oxford to translate the King James Bible based on the manuscripts that the Lord used through Erasmus, the Waldensians, causing the death of the many believers who died protecting the book.

The Jesuits were furious—they had two people successfully infiltrate the committee and insert the Catholic Apocrypha. That’s why the old King James Bible has Apocrypha in it, but the KJV translators did not consider the Apocrypha as scripture. So looking at the old King James Bible, one will see the Old Testament and New Testament as part of the Bible. However, in the Apocrypha, every single page is labeled (in the index or in-between notes) as Apocrypha to show that it is not part of the Bible.


The Catholics published the Douay-Rheims Bible approximately 2 years before the King James Bible was published. The Catholics and Jesuits were desperate to destroy the King James Bible, but their attempts weren’t successful.

Gunpowder Plot

Jesuits used several people to kill King James and prevent the translation of the King James Bible.

Robert Catesby, a Jesuit high-ranking leader, was one of the people who led the gunpowder plot together with Guy Fawkes.

The plot was to dig a hole underneath the parliament, put gunpowder underneath, and blow up the parliament, thus hindering the translation from continuing. They also planned on kidnapping King James’ daughters.

While they were digging underground, they came to a wall which they couldn’t go through, so they bought the whole building.

After they had all the gunpowder ready and the hole set up, the parliament delayed the meeting a few times, so the gunpowder was turning useless.

When they finally got the gunpowder ready and were about to blow up the parliament, the Lord led one of the soldiers downstairs early in the morning, where he found one of the people ready to light the gunpowder. When he was caught, they interrogated him to get the rest of the people behind the plot.

So the soldiers hunted down those who wanted to assassinate the king. The assassinates took their last stand; they took out their guns and were going about to shoot at the gunpowder, but it was wet, giving King James’ soldiers time to slaughter them. In an attempt to dry off the gunpowder, they lit a fire next to the gunpowder, and it blew up, injuring themselves instead.

Robert Catesby, bleeding and dying, crawled to the image of the Virgin Mary, muttered his last prayer, and died at the feet of a pagan goddess.

KJV 1611

All previous attempts to stop the KJV production did not work, and finally, KJV 1611 was born.

People started to say, “Thus saith the Lord …”

With this, the dark ages and the Catholic power lost their reign.



During the Great Awakening, revivals spread like wildfire because of the birth of the King James Bible. This age saw men with the perfect words of God, who can preach the perfect words of God, who built their faith on the perfect words of God, and started to plan missions.

John Bunyan

John Bunyan was known to street preach without a license. Because of that, the English court frequently arrested him.

But he told the council, “You arrest me today, I will preach tomorrow.”

One time, they arrested him for a long time. His daughter wept in front of him, begging him, “Please, please, take back what you said.” But Bunyan replied, “I will never recant, even if the moss grows over my eyebrows.”

Johnathan Edwards

Johnathan Edwards was known for his quiet and passionate voice.

He was famous for his sermon, ‘Sinners in the hands of an angry God.’ When Edwards began that sermon, people started slipping off their pews as if they were dropping into hell, crying and weeping. After the sermon was over, they held an all-night prayer meeting.

John Wesley

John Wesley founded the Methodist.

One time, he was halted by a robber who made him toss over his money. When he did that, he told the robber, “The time will come when you will regret your ways and when that time comes, remember this: the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins.”

Approximately 29 years later, a well-dressed gentleman came to him and said, “Do you remember about the robber that you told the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins?” Wesley replied that he did. The robber said, “Well, my time came that I did regret my ways and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me of all my sins.”

George Whitefield

George Whitefield had a voice so loud that it can be heard over a mile long.

In fact, Benjamin Franklin couldn’t stand that when he went away from Whitefield into town, he could still hear Whitefield’s preaching booming in his ears.

But Benjamin Franklin was very curious and attended one of Whitefield’s sermons in person. The Holy Spirit pricked his heart, and when the offering plate was passed around, that rich man who didn’t intend to give Whitefield one dime felt convicted and had to ask the guy next to him for money so that he could put some on the offering plate too.

Billy Bray

During the years 1600-1700, Billy Bray was one of those old-time Methodists who would shout and run around the aisle.

If he saw someone in the church whom he felt was not right with God, he would pick up that person and run around the room with that person, shouting, “Glory! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!”

As he was dying, he said, “Glory be to God! I shall soon be with Jesus. Shall I tell Him, doctor, that you will be coming too?” That doctor, who wasn’t a Christian, got under conviction.

As he was dying, he also said, “Glory be to God. As my soul goes down to hell, I’d still shout ‘Glory glory to God’ all the way that Satan, he’d hate it and say, ‘Billy, this is no place for thee. Get thee back up.’ And up to heaven, I will go, shouting, ‘Glory glory to God’ all the way.”

Guess what his last words were before he died? “Glory!”

David Brainerd

David Brainerd studied at Yale, but he gave that up to serve God in his early 20s, ministering to native pagan Indians in the mission field of America.

His prayer life was known to be so powerful that he could melt the snow around him where he prayed.

One time, he had such a huge burden with these Native Americans who held up an idolatrous feast that he prayed for them all night. When he came out, those Native Americans stopped, the Holy Spirit convicted them all of a sudden because they started to see a glow coming out of David Brainerd after coming back from prayer.

Charles Finney

Charles Finney is known to be a big soul winner, a man who used to be one of the Masons and had left it to become a Christian.

One time, he went inside a factory, where everyone was working. He talked to one worker and then another and another, and soon, the person in charge of the factory had to close it down for one entire day so that everyone could listen to Finney preach. Finney led that whole factory to salvation.

Peter Cartwright

One time, Peter Cartwright went inside a liquor store and to one of the merchants. That merchant started talking trash against Peter Cartwright, but Peter took him by the neck and beat him while singing the hymn, “All hail the power of Jesus ….” The liquor merchant quickly let him go, and he was able to continue his ministry,

Another time, he was at a dance hall, and one of the ladies took his hands into hers to dance with him. Peter Cartwright then said, “Let’s all have a word in prayer…” and went on his knees to pray. The lady got under conviction and starting pulling away, but Peter kept holding onto her hands. All the people around them got under conviction, too, and started leaving the room out of shame and humiliation. He turned that dance hall where people were drinking into a church, where he sent one of his pastors there to take care of it.

William Carey

He was a very soft-hearted man, known as the father of missions.

He had a burden for souls, but Christians were sitting comfortably in their seats, saying, “No, God will send them the gospel in His time.” But Carrey replied, “No way, I’m going to give the gospel.”

He went to India, where they burned up the widows next to their dead husbands. Carey was so burdened that he preached to those Hindus, served as God’s witness, and led them to Jesus Christ.

When he was teaching geography class, going about this nation and that nation, he would point his ruler at one nation, tears welling up his eyes, and he’d tell his students, “In that nation, there are people who never even heard the name of Jesus.”

That’s why he became a missionary.

Adoniram Judson

Judson could not win his first soul until after 7 to 9 years. He suffered so much in the land of Burma, which was infested with Buddhism.

At first, his life looked like a failure; he had gone into the mission field, but no one was listening to him. He was persecuted, tortured, and imprisoned in Burma. During his imprisonment and torture in prison, he would hide the Bible while translating it to Burmese for the Burmese people.

Even after coming out from prison, his heart was so much on that mission field that he kept ministering to them. In fact, he even led some of the headhunters to salvation, after which they became street preachers themselves.

One time, Judson was before a Burmese ruler and had to ask for permission to minister in that location in Burma, but the ruler said no. Hudson asked why, and the ruler said, “My people who are Buddhists are not fools to listen to your religion, but I fear when they see the scars on your back, they’re going to listen to you.”

He did continue to minister to the Burmese people.

George Mueller

George Mueller is known as a prayer warrior.

One time in his orphanage, they had no bread and milk. So he prayed, “Lord, give us bread and milk to eat.” Then he had the children gathering around the table with plates, forks, and knives, but no food. George Mueller said, “I prayed to the Lord, and He will provide.”

Suddenly, he got a knock on the door. It was a baker. He said, “Mr. Mueller, I don’t know what happened, but it seemed like God was dealing with my heart at 2 in the morning and I just had a burden, so I baked all this bread for you and the children.” Then a milkman came by and said, “One of the wheels came off my wagon, and the milk is going to get spoiled, but I don’t want that to happen. Can I leave the milk to you and the children?” And so they had bread to eat and milk to drink.

William Booth

William Booth founded the Salvation Army.

This man believed in salvaging as many souls as he could. In fact, one of his famous quotes is “Souls souls souls.”

This man had a burden for lost souls. Sometimes, some street preachers would wear raincoats or protective coats as they street preached because people would throw mud, rock, and dead cats to hinder preaching the gospel. But William Booth kept crying out, “Oh God, what can I say? Souls souls soul. My heart hungers for souls.”

Robert Moffat

Robert Moffat went into the heart of Africa to win some souls.

While he was in some part of Africa, Moffat wanted to witness an infamous Afrikaner chief known for killing people. They pulled horror stories about him, and the white people told Moffat, “Don’t go and witness to that man, you’re just wasting your time. He will have your head on a basket.”

However, Moffat went anyway. He went through the desert terrain and found that infamous Afrikaner chief. He opened the Bible and led him to the Lord Jesus Christ.

That Afrikaner cleaned himself  from all the paganism and wickedness, and they went back to town together. Many English men couldn’t recognize him, so Moffat told them he was the infamous Afrikaner chief. They were so shocked that the officials of that town talked about the Afrikaner chief by saying, “This is the eighth wonder of the world.”

Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor had a burden for Chinese people and thus ministered to them.

After Taylor died and communism took over China, they had to disgrace him because they knew about his work and ministry. When the communists took over, they took one of the authors and had him read all of Taylor’s work, demonize it, and make him look evil.

However, when that communist author took Taylor’s work and read his writings, the Holy Spirit burned his heart and stopped criticizing Taylor. Instead, he got on his knees and received Christ for salvation.

Dwight L. Moody

Moody was also a man who had a burden for souls.

He would go around asking people, “Are you a Christian?”

He went to a person one time and asked him, “Are you a Christian, sir?” That man got so offended that he went to one of Moody’s deacons and said, “If I weren’t gentleman enough, I would have the right to punch him in the face for asking me that question.” 

Some Christians told Moody, “You have a lot of zeal, but not a lot of wisdom. Calm down.” Moody was sad, yet he was burdened, so he went inside his room and started praying for that man he had offended.

He got a knock on the door, and when he opened it, he found that same man who said, “When you’re asking that question, it started to bother me. I couldn’t get it off my mind. I want to be a saved Christian.”

Moody then led that man to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Moody was known to be a man who would get thousands on the altar, thousands of convictions, thousands of calls going on.

James Chalmers

James Chalmers was a missionary in the Cannibal Islands.

He went inside one cannibal house where human skins and skulls decorated the house, yet he would just sit down and witness to them right there and then.

Once, he was there preaching to those cannibals while they were having one of their big feasts. He also had two of his converts street preaching with hum. They had been preaching late at the night for many hours when Chalmers said, “I need to rest.” So he slept and woke up in the morning to see that his two converts were still street preaching. Chalmers asked, “Have you been at it all night?” One can only imagine how sore their throats must be, but one of them replied, “Pastor, I went through the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, Mosaic Law, all the Old Testament. I’m about to start on the story of Jesus. so I can’t stop now!” So they kept on street preaching.

James Chalmers died in the mission field, eaten by cannibals.

Billy Sunday

Billy Sunday became the famous revivalist who is infamously known for closing down bars in the north.

Billy Sunday was a former baseball player star. He used to drink and run bases as a baseball player. So God used his talent—while preaching, he would run bases, break chairs, and sometimes, he’d even rip his outer shirt.

Sam Jones

Sam Jones was a hopelessly lost drunk who was about to lose God.

After he got saved, he hated alcohol ever since. Sam Jones closed the bars in the south and was also responsible for the laws against alcohol.

One time, a liquor merchant got so mad at Sam Jones that he waved a $10 bill in front of his face and said, “I got it from some poor sap who bought my liquor.” Sam Jones took that $10 bill away from the liquor merchant and said, “You know what, you’re right. I’ll have it, the devil had it long enough.”

Mordecai Ham

Mordecai Ham was listed as one of the ‘Four Horsemen of Revelation’ by the Catholic church.

Mordecai Ham wanted to convert the atheists—he always wanted the toughest converts.

One of his tactics was that he’d go into a town and ask for the toughest atheist in town. One time, Mordecai Ham was given the name of one particular atheist. When the atheist heard that Mordecai Ham was about to visit him, he ran away, but Mordecai Ham chased after him into a barn. He cornered him and said, “I’m going to ask God for two things, I will ask God to kill you or to save you.” The atheist had a fear of God, saving himself and his whole family saved, all of whom got baptized and attended church afterward.

Liquor dealers hated Mordecai Ham, so they surrounded him with clubs and knives to kill him one day. In response, Mordecai Ham repeated his same old line, “I’m going to pray to God, to kill you or to save you.” Then a windmill blew up, fell on top of them, killed the guy waving the knife at Mordecai Ham, and injured half of the mob. The rest of the mob got saved after that.

One of the many persons that got saved under Mordecai Ham’s preaching was Billy Graham himself.

J. Frank Norris

  1. Frank Norris was also labeled as one of the ‘Four Horsemen of Revelation’.

He was known to be a rough preacher, and he sure did preach hard against liquor.

One of the lawyers was trying to sue Norris and imprison him. Guess what God did to him? After the lawyer had been drinking liquor, he ended up in a vehicle accident, where his brains ended up splashed all over the pavement. Norris took the broken liquor that the lawyer was drinking, scooped up the lawyer’s brains, took it to his church service, and preached Rom 6:23: “For the wages of sin is death.”



After all this, Satan had enough. The devil came and raised something to conquer against the Great Awakenings. It was one of the greatest successes of Satan—the counter-reformation.

The devil planned to form a demonic army made of men who weren’t preachers but intellectuals and scholars.

Ignatius Loyola founded the Jesuit order to counterattack the Great Awakenings. One of the Jesuit cried out about the King James Bible, “Then the Bible, that serpent which with the head erect and eyes flashing threatens us with its venom while it trailed along the ground, shall be changed into a rod as soon as we are able to seize it… For three centuries past, this cruel asp has left us with no repose. You well know with what folds it entwines us and with what fangs it gnaws us.”

Ignatius Loyola went through four inquisitions to prove his Catholic devotion. Demonically enslaved, his spiritual exercise book brainwashed and controlled his followers, including the very air that they breathed.

Elites (Political power)

The devil then started to attack through secular power.

The Jesuits were being kicked out of Catholic nations, even by the pope and the Vatican. The Jesuits knew that they had lost power and that they had to regain it.

It is said that the Jesuits regained their power by using the high-ranking Masons of that time and Rothschild. Through Rothschild and the Masons, the Masonic oath was founded in a Jesuit university. Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati, which eventually produced all kinds of elites.

Although God’s hand was upon America’s founding, starting the revivals, Satan was on its coat tail trying to produce some greater evil behind the scenes.

The Jesuits especially regained their power through one powerful figure, Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon started conquering Catholic nations while Jesuits were performing assassinations through the Catholic royalty. Through that, Napoleon got the pope in prison and forced him to restore the Jesuit order.

That’s how the Jesuit order reclaimed its power, from and that’s where all the high elites from Rothschild, Masons, and the high-ranking Jews came. It started from something demonic, something sinister—it came from the Jesuits.

While people were rejoicing and souls were getting saved, Satan was operating underground, slowly building his power through high elites.

Thus the political power fell.


They were quiet from the 1500s to 1900s, successfully destroying the King James Bible-believing churches today.

It is estimated that they infiltrated more than 100 schools and universities. They raised questions against the Bible’s authenticity through higher and lower criticism in France. The tactic the Jesuits used in France was their great respect for the intellectuals.

To get rid of the revival, they needed to get rid of the book by first questioning its authenticity through higher and lower criticism.

In France, they had the French Enlightenment, then it spread to Germany, the heart of Luther’s Reformation. That’s from where German Rationalism came. Then it went to England, the heart of the King James Bible, and that’s where you have English deism. Finally, it went to America, the heart of the Great Awakening revival.

Notice how Satan lured behind the scenes while God started the Reformation in Germany, then moved to England and America. At that point, Satan realized, ‘Let’s go behind and knock them out one by one.”

Philosophers (School)

The philosophers took the higher and lower criticism attack of the KJV by the Jesuits. They, who were intellectuals, shared some of their beliefs and used them not just to attack the Bible but to attack Christianity itself.

As a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump, Satan succeeded in making the whole world apostate.

Satan revived his system once more, rooting his headquarters in Alexandria and Rome. It was there that they came up with their own human philosophies critiquing the Bible. David Hume, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Rene Descartes, Francis Bacon, Friedrich Nietzsche.

As the Jesuits were spreading criticism against the Bible with higher and lower criticism, they took some of that argument and changed it into humanism and Christian modernism.

Thus the school fell.

Charles Darwin (Science)

The devil kept his eyes on some people raised in Christianity to use them for his glory. One of these men was Charles Darwin, a student who majored in theology.

Charles Darwin started to question creation with his book ‘Origin of Species’. The atheists and secular humanists took advantage of it. They now had a scientific argument against God. So they used it to critique the Great Awakening revival, preaching and promoting their evolution ideas more and more.

Thus science fell.

Westcott & Hort (Bible)

Westcott and Hort knocked off the King James Bible by issuing a revised version based on Alexandria’s manuscripts, from which they started to build up modern bibles.

They opened the doors for others to make their own revisions of the KJV. Since then, more than 200 different English bibles have come out. How much more do you need to correct the Book?

Thus the Bible fell.

Karl Marx (Government)

Karl Marx was raised under a Christian branch—he was a Lutheran. But he started to promote ideas where communism came from.

He created socialism on how the government was not ensuring that everyone had equal wealth.

Since he was a journalist, he had the power of the media to spread his propaganda. Many sinners convicted by the Great Awakening preached, and they wanted the government to take care of them instead of having to work for themselves.

So Karl’s beliefs attracted these sinners, endangering many to falling prey and being dependent on the government, just like what had happened in the Dark Ages.

Satan was trying to revive what he did back then.

Thus the government fell.

Hollywood (The world)

Many famous stars, musicians, and actors were raised from Christian churches, but because they wanted to be stars, they fell into sin, promoted sin, glamorized sin, and started to get the younger generation to endorse sin.

So Hollywood glamorized sin, worldly music, worldly dressing, the world and fornication.

It’s really sad when you hear some of Elvis Presley’s music; he struggled with sin and even confessed it in one of his songs.

During the birth of Hollywood, many of the founders were from the elites, some of which were Mason’s and others Jews connected with the Jesuit elites.

Propaganda, garbage and wickedness were spreading even more and more.

Because of Hollywood, Christian morals was starting to die, while worldliness was being promoted.

Thus the world fell.

Sigmund Freud (Conscience)

Sigmund Freud gave psychological explanations for human guilt.

He criticized the preaching used in the Great Awakenings, claiming that it’s not helping anyone out. His philosophy was to avoid producing human guilt in the first place.

He started giving psychological babble where people began to sear their conscience with a hot iron.

When the Great Awakening preachers started to convict people of sin, they got an explanation through Freud.

Thus conscience fell.

Cults (Churches)

Protestant Christianity was a dominant mainstream, but the following cults started coming in during that period:

  • Mormon by Brigham Young in Utah
  •     Jehovah Witnesses by Charles Russell in New York
  •     Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy in Boston
  •     Seventh Day Adventism by Ellen G White
  •     Church of Christ by Alexander Campbell in the south
  •     Charismatics with their healings and speaking of tongues in California
  •     Hyper dispensationalists by Cornelius Stam in New Jersey

With this whole mess of everyone professing to be a ‘Christian’, people finally got sick and tired of seeing ‘Christians’ fighting amongst themselves. The Vatican finally succeeded in getting all the churches to set aside their differences and unite together under the banner of Christianity. The pope started hosting events in the Vatican with the ‘Christian’ religion and the world religion, doing what Satan always wanted: to get Rome back in power once more in Rev 17.

Mother church made a comeback ever since the time of Jesus Christ.

Thus the churches fell.

Now think about this: If political power, government, school, science, churches, and the whole world is falling away, and there’s nothing else to turn to but your own conscience, which has also fallen away, what will save you and give you the Bible-believing truth? Absolutely nothing. Satan covered all bases so that no one could find the Bible-believing truth anywhere.

Satan succeeded in his counter-reformation, which eventually led to modernism and spread out. The Great Awakening fell away as with the 20th and 21st centuries, but the Lord raised a few good men to fight against the counter-reformation and modernism.



Dean Burgon (Defending KJV) – Bible

Dean Burgon was an Oxford scholar, a Dean of Chichester, and a contemporary with Westcott and Hort.

Dean Burgon took the text of Westcott and Hort and tore it apart.

Edward F Hills (Defending KJV) – Bible

Edward F Hills studied at Harvard.

He also successfully defended the manuscripts of the King James Bible.

Defending the Bible was significant to attack the counter-reformation. After the King James Bible came out, the Great Awakening started. Similarly, it began to fall apart when the Bible’s authenticity was questioned.

C.I. Scofield (Dispensationalism) – Doctrine

C.I. Scofield was a drunken lawyer. Then one time, a person asked him, “Are you born again? Are you a saved Christian?” He replied, “I drink. I don’t think God allows drunkards into heaven.” But that man replied, “I didn’t ask you that. I asked you, are you saved, are you a Christian?” That’s how Scofield received Christ for his salvation.

Scofield was a contemporary during the days of D.L. Moody; he took over one of Moody’s churches and pastored it successfully.

It’s amazing how the Lord defended the Scofield Reference Bible. There were two instances where he almost lost his Reference Bible:

  •     One time, he had a trip through the Atlantic. He was very careful and paranoid about his Reference Bible because of the devil’s attack, so he wanted someone to check on the containers to make sure that it was there. But one time, it wasn’t. So he had to retrace his steps, and the Lord had protected it.
  •     The second time, he had his printing work, all his Reference Bible notes, and everything else set up, but there was a fire. He panicked and feared his Reference Bible was lost. The fire burned right next to his it, but the Lord protected it the second time.

Clarence Larkin (Dispensationalism) – Doctrine

Clarence Larkin was an engineering and a Baptist minister. These great combinations made him a champion in drawing scores of charts on dispensationalism.

If one were to look at his charts today, it’s still a Bible study that one still has plenty to learn out of it.

The Lord used Clarence Larkin mightily to produce dispensationalism charts.

There were many cults during that time, and churches were falling apart left and right. The Lord raised these two men— C.I. Scofield and Clarence Larkin—to defend the right doctrine.

R. A. Torrey (Fundamentals) – Churches

  1. A. Torrey was another contemporary of D.L. Moody.

During that time, modernism was seeping through schools, churches, and pastors. R.A. Torrey gathered some preachers, wrote volumes of books, combined them, and called them fundamentals. And that’s how the Fundamentalist came into the scene.

In other words, they defended the major fundamentals of Christianity. They preached against worldliness and sin, which was affecting everything. They awakened spiritual conscience.

Fundamentalists attacked the Catholic ecumenical movement—they were against the churches associating themselves with modernism.

So the Lord defended the churches.


Because of these fundamentalists, they were able to raise many pastors and churches that avoided the ecumenical movement.

The Lord raised men such as John Rice, who wrote ‘The Sword of the Lord’. To date, it’s still the most Baptist fundamentalist newspaper.

The Lord also raised:

  • Bob Jones Senior, who founded Bob Jones University.
  •     Lee Roberson, who founded Tennessee Temple University.
  •     Arlin and Beka Horton, who founded Abeka Academy. They provide the best Christian school outside the program, thus keeping the children away from the world.
  •     Jack Hyles, who reached the top 15 largest churches.


The problem was that the devil had done a really successful job in the counter-reformation and modernism. As a result, not all these people were clean in doctrine, for they had problems in their lives as well. Because of that, it was not enough to successfully attack the counter-reformation and modernism.

The Lord was laying foundations. There was one man who combined everything, and Bible Believers started to sprout really quickly.

Peter S. Ruckman

The same year when dispensationalism died with Scofield, Ruckman was born.

One day, a fundamentalist pastor, Hugh Pyle, approached Ruckman, and Ruckman said to him, “Well, what do you got?” Hugh Pyle replied, “Well, I got the Lord. What do you have?” But Ruckman didn’t have anything. Hugh Pyle gave Ruckman the gospel, and Ruckman, a hopeless drunk about to commit suicide, bowed his head and received Christ for salvation.

The Lord changed his life, and old things passed away.

He changed his image completely, made himself clean, and surrendered to the ministry.

He became a pastor and received his doctorate from one of the fundamentalists, the Bob Jones University.

Beauchamp Vick, one of the kings of fundamentalist who had founded the Baptist Bible Fellowship (which was the world’s largest Baptist fundamentalist at that time), praised Ruckman for being the greatest Bible teacher in America.

Bob Jones Senior also said that Ruckman was one of the most brilliant students ever to walk on his campus.

John Rice advertised Ruckman in his ‘The Sword of the Lord’ and said that this man would answer your question in 45 seconds or less.

Ruckman combined everything and went all the way. He chewed out Westcott and Hort, every pastor and even fundamentalist pastors who messed up.

The last days were infected with so much modernism that the Lord raised Ruckman to clean up all the mess that was going on.

He debated with a famous Catholic apologist and lawyer named Karl Keating. He crushed him so badly with documentation that in the middle of the break, when Ruckman was quoting documentation of pope and bishops who had messed up, priests lined up in front of Karl Keating and starting asking him, “Is this true, what he said? Is that true?”

He debated one of the best Bible versions of those days, the NIV, with one of the committee members, Earl Kalland. But Earl Kalland was crushed and humiliated so badly that it was not even a debate.

He went up against a biologist evolution professor and gave plenty of documentations. At the end of it, when news media came up to the professor, all he could say about Ruckman was that “He was just misquoting those sources.”

Ruckman issued tons of books, articles and videos that could fill more than seven shelves. In fact, one of Ruckman’s avid enemy (who dedicated an entire website to critique him) had to admit, “One thing about Ruckman is that he’s not a lazy man.”

Enemies of God would call those who studied under Ruckman ‘Ruckmanites’, a term that is very infamously used today. Why? Because enemies of God will try to mould it into a cult and turn it into a following. Biased sources on the internet will point out flaws, but if one studies his Bible-believing history, he will realize that everyone has flaws and that God uses imperfect men mightily for His glory.

If there’s one thing God used Ruckman for, it was his intelligence and Bible-believing truths.



Now that the foundation was laid, the Lord raised good men to defend Christianity and doctrinal truths.

William Grady

William Grady was a professor at the largest fundamentalist university at that time.

One day, someone gave him a book by Dr Ruckman called ‘Manuscript Evidence’. When he read that book, it changed his life and made him want to defend the King James Bible.

He went to one particular fundamentalist university, mentioned something about Ruckman, and then defended him for over an hour, making all the people at that school tense and scared.

Jack Chick

Jack Chick had a burden for lost souls, but he was a shy person. So he decided to draw artwork in his little kitchen and use that as tract material.

He would sometimes contact Ruckman for doctrinal questions, and they became fast friends.

In the Smithsonian Institute, he is known to be the most published living author.

The Vatican has marked them out. In Catholic conferences, if you pass out Chick tracts to them, they know what they are, and they will avoid them. That’s what the Jesuits and priests have taught them to do.

Sam Gipp

Sam Gipp graduated from Dr. Peter Ruckman’s school. He wrote the simplest yet most thorough defense against the King James Bible.

His talent was to take the intellectual scholar’s material and dumb it down to the average man’s level.

Simple commoners who didn’t even graduate from high school started to critique their own Greek and Hebrew pastors.

David Peacock

David Peacock was a police force captain, but he surrendered himself to preach for the ministry.

He is known to be one of the best preachers today that uses illustrations—he is very illustrative in his preaching.

He is the head of the Bible Doctrine Institute, which offers the best online Bible-believing course today.

One time, he was preaching about casting crowns on Jesus’ feet when several church members got excited and started taking off their shoes and throwing them to the ground, pretending to be casting crowns at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Billy Eubanks

Billy Eubanks also attended Dr. Ruckman’s school.

He did the crazy task of taking 10,000 chick tract materials, flew over to the Vatican at one of their sacred Catholic days, and opened up the bins, spilling down 10,000 chick tracts all over the Vatican.

Greg Eastep

Greg Eastep founded another good Bible school in Ohio, where he started training them in Bible-believing dispensationalism and the King James Bible issue.

Jimmy Hood

Jimmy Hood started a rescue mission up in Ohio, taking in dunks, men cursed by drugs and wickedness. He cleaned them up and put them in his rescue mission. They later became street preachers themselves.

Jack Patterson

Jack Patterson opened a home for boys. He would take in teenagers who were abandoned, hurt, ruined by the sin and wickedness of the world, and falling into immorality. He would clean them up and raise them into godly Christian living.

David Spurgeon

David Spurgeon was part of a mean gang that rivaled Hell’s Angel. In fact, he was one of its top leaders.

Finally, the feds arrested him. When he was in prison, someone connected with Greg Eastep got ahold of him, told him the plan of salvation, and the Lord warmed up his heart, and he was saved.

The man with crimes filling up shelves was doomed to imprisonment for many years, but when the judge saw him all cleaned up and supported by one of the churches in fellowship with Greg Eastep, he set him free.

Now David Spurgeon is evangelizing throughout churches, preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When one sees him today, he will see him fully suited in his formal Sunday dressing to cover up all his tattoos from his old days.

Vince Massa

Vince Massa attended one of the fundamentalists’ schools. One time, he heard that Dr. Ruckman was preaching in a conference nearby his school. He sneaked out and went to hear Dr. Ruckman preach.

Vince Massa is known to be a great preacher, at times even dramatic.

Sometimes, when he’s preaching, he’ll point his long bony finger right at you, put his leg on top of the pulpit, and walk down on you.

He gets so immersed in what he’s preaching that he even broke the pulpit once.

James Lince

James Lince also graduated from Dr. Ruckman’s school.

He was one of those rough preachers. Once, he jumped off the stage and broke his leg.

He started a church in North Carolina where everyone knew and referred to him as a heretic.

The people hated when he and several of his members preached, so the sheriff and the state’s higher preacher tried to persuade him to stop.

The sheriff went up to Lince and said, “You’ve got to stop and listen. Who do you think you are?” Lince replied, “I am just a voice of one crying in the wilderness. Prepare ye the way of the Lord.”

Then the sheriff returned to him with a sob story, “You know, I got a wife and kids to feed. People are trying to tell me for you to stop, can’t you just back off a bit?” Lince looked at that sheriff and said, “I can’t do that, sir. You have your higher up to be accountable for, I have a bigger higher up that I’m going to be held accountable to.”

Then the state’s higher preacher went to Lince and said, “That kind of street preaching style, it won’t work.” But Lince replied, “It doesn’t work?” The old man said, “I used to be young, zealous, passionate like you, but I’m telling you, times have changed. This kind of stuff, that’s not how you reach people, it won’t get people saved.” Then Lince saw one of his members leading this African-American to salvation. Among them was a big tall man crying and saying, “Lord Jesus Christ, I receive you as my Lord and personal Savior. Save my soul from hell.” Lince pointed his finger at that man, saying, “You see that? I’ll tell you what, grandpa, it really works! You better get out of here before I beat the fire out of you.” That old man started backing up, saying, “I knew you got the devils! You got devils!” Then Lince replied, “You’re right, I got devils. You better get out of here before I give you some.”

Wilson Calvin

Wilson Calvin is an Indian, a native American.

He still ministers to the Indians in Arizona.

One time, he was outside preaching the gospel when one of the atheists went up to him and said, “There is no god.” Calvin replied, “There is no god?” Then he went down to his knees and said, “For God, I pray that you will drop him dead right here right now.” That atheist got scared and backed off, shouting, “Hey, you can’t do that!” Then Calvin got up to his feet and said, “Gotcha! You do believe in a god.”

Ted Warmack

The Lord raised Ted Warmack to minister to the prisoners.

While the prisoners were being ruined by wickedness and sin, and the devil had them imprisoned and depressed, the Lord raised Ted Warmack to minister those broken people, the outcasts.

He wrote the book ‘Bread of Life’ which covers all kinds of major doctrines, even the deep ones, but in a way that makes it very easy to understand.

David Walker

David Walker was a graduate from Dr. Ruckman’s school and became one of the leading figures in the defense against dispensationalism today.

One time, he was out street preaching when one of those people pointed his finger at David Walker and said, “Who do you think you are? What are you doing right now, doing this kind of stuff?” Walker just looked at him and answered, “I would have been like you right now if I did not receive Jesus Christ for salvation.”

Gail Riplinger

Several men started to critique the King James Bible, so the Lord humiliated these men through a woman.

Gail Riplinger came up with the New Age Bible Version, which became the most popular book in defending the King James Bible issues because it demonized all modern versions.

One of the modern version committee members, Frank Logsdon, who was responsible for the NASB, said, “I’m afraid I’m in trouble with the Lord.”

Alan Ryman

Alan Ryman is ministering at Catholic Delaware and has about 200 or more members in his church.

If one were to minister up in the northeastern areas, he would immediately notice that it’s extremely tough to build a church there.

So Alan Ryman had a huge challenge. When he started street preaching, a bunch of these Catholics used to give him a hard time. One day, he dressed up as a Catholic priest and started preaching the gospel. The Catholics passing by this time only said, “Thank you, father.” They stopped giving him a hard time as they had before because you can’t say no to a priest.

Then a cop went by and asked him, “What are you doing? Are you sure you’re a priest?” Ryman looked at him all serious and said, “What is your name, my child?” With that, the cop screeched away.

There was this one guy who gave street preachers a hard time. One day, he threw something at Ryman and the street preachers, so the cops and some Catholics pounced on him. Ryman did not stop them; he said, “That’s right. Arrest him! He must be a Baptist.”

Gerald Sutek

Gerald Sutek had a street preaching ministry called ‘SWAT team for Christ,’ and the Lord mightily used him to minister throughout all the areas around America.

Rick Sowell

The Lord raised a pastor named Rick Sowell. He has somewhere between 500 to 1000 members in his church.

Rick De Michael

Rick De Michael has somewhere between 1000 and 1500 members in his church.


Kyeong Kim

This man was a Buddhist drunk. He hated pastors and wanted nothing to do with them.

For some reason, the Lord touched his heart. One day, he heard Romans 10:9 and afterward sought Christ for his salvation. He took his liquor bottles and dumped them all down the drain. This was a testimony because he is Pastor Gene Kim’s father and Gene Kim has never seen a drop of liquor in his life.