Answer: Yes, tribulation is for Jews, not Christians. The timeline of the tribulation is reserved for the nation of Israel. It is not for the Christian Church.

The evidence is Daniel 9:27.

Now, many people use this passage to prove a seven-year tribulation for that one week from 7 days which
represents seven years.

However, that one week in Daniel 9:27 comes from Daniel 9:24, from the 70 weeks of Daniel.

And notice that it takes 70 weeks long upon thy Holy City to make an end of sins to bring in righteousness.

Obviously that’s talking about a national salvation for Israel. It doesn’t take the Christian Church, 70 weeks to
bring in righteousness and to wash away our sins.

Also, Daniel 9:27 that one week, which is supposed to represent the seven year tribulation is a time of desolation.

This is quoted by Jesus in Luke 21:20-23 where he says that time of desolation, is called days of wrath.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:9-10, Christians are not appointed to wrath.