Is there a difference with Catholics and Christians?

Answer: Absolutely. A huge difference is the importance of Mary to Catholicism.

The Bible shows 1 Timothy 2:5 that “There is no one who’s a mediator, except Jesus Christ” when we communicate to God.

Catholics use Mary as an important person to mediate on their behalf.

Christians believe that salvation is a gift, nothing of works.

Ephesians 2:8-9 shows that however, Catholics believe that they have to pay alms to receive forgiveness of sins to attain their salvation.

Another difference is that Catholics believe in the importance of icons and images that contradicts Exodus 20:4-5.

The Bible says, you’re not supposed to even bow down to images.

Catholics will say, they don’t worship the icons, but the Bible even condemns bowing down to them.

Another thing is that Catholics have priests whereas Christians don’t.

Revelation 1:5-6 shows that Christians are automatically considered to be priests.

Hence we do not need priests ourselves.