Me, Myself, and I-solation – Pastor Gene Kim

Apr 4, 2020

Our Greatest Enemy in times of Covid-19 Outbreak

In times of pandemic like this, our greatest enemy is not the virus itself, but its ‘Me, Myself and I’ . It is ourselves, and if we do not realize how wicked our flesh can be, then we are on dangerous ground.

Proverbs 18:1 Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.

Proverbs is written by Solomon, one of the wisest men on Earth, explaining that a man through desires intermeddles with wisdom (and that’s not a good word). When we are in isolation, our desire becomes more exposed, and we intermeddle, and dabble in things we should not be bothered doing. For example, dabbling with the internet, which has the capability for the flesh to be more in control.

We should be grateful and thank God for creating the internet so that we have access to bible-believing materials. Nonetheless, YouTube is designed to appeal to the flesh, not the Holy Spirit.
All bible-believing Christians should have a filter, supplemented with prayers, and constantly seek God for wisdom before accessing videos and information on Youtube.

It is important to identify the pattern, to distinguish and separate ourselves from ‘Me, Myself and Isolation’ territory, accept rebuke and stay away from fleshy impulsivity. Accept rebuke from Dispensational, KJV Bible Believing Pastors, as it is better to be stabbed with the word of truth, than to be patted with meekness and fallacies.

As temptations and sins are so much more available right now due to mandatory isolation, we need to be on guard, and yield away from sin, through prayers and reading the bible.

The remedies to stay out of ‘Me, Myself, and Isolation’ territory

In times like this, it is so important to stay close to God, hold ourselves accountable by making morning prayers and bible reading a disciplinary habit.

Due to the isolation, we may be depressed, and if our will power is not strong, the negative feelings will affect us physically, mentally, and thus spiritually. Occupy yourselves with watching more bible-believing sermons. Besides that, stop focusing and dwelling on our own pain. We can learn to care for others, especially towards brothers and sisters of Christ, it helps us to get out of self-pity.

Previously, we were fixated to our mundane routine of waking up early to go to work, read the bible, pray, tithe and contribute to the church. But right now due to isolation, the freedom given to do whatever we want in the privacy of our homes, these practices become harder if we do not learn to discipline ourselves.

We should find joy in serving God, which includes fellowshipping, following up with our brothers and sisters in Christ, see what the church needs, and do our best to live a life away from fleshiness.

A Great Time to Witness to the Unbelievers

Previously, witnessing to others have often required street preaching and house visitation to give off tracts. However, now it has actually become easier where we can easily go on to different social media accounts and post or share a video link of bible-believing gospel to people.

Due to the pandemic, we could also take advantage of people’s openness to words of comfort and help, by reaching out to them through email or phone calls, to show our concern for them, followed by an insert of gospel for soul winning.

Developing different Conviction

God is using this pandemic as a testing measurement to see how bible believers stand united during Covid-19 outbreak, as guided by our Holy Spirit. Different bible-believing pastors are using different measures and methods to continue to host sermons and spread the gospel, it is not an easy process as a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration. So instead of being judgmental and critical, we are encouraged to develop a spirit of empathy, and unitedness.

Romans 14:9-10 For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living. But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

Satan’s greatest opportunity to attack us is when we are isolated, and by ourselves. The best way to prevent ourselves from falling prey to bitterness is to ask ourselves ‘Is Satan using this opportunity right now?’ If we reflect carefully, we can identify the patterns that Satan is using to slip in attacks and to destroy our faith.

It is our duty, not our option to carry out the duties of a Christian (Bible reading, praying, serving God). To continue to serve God, not to get lazy, and not to yield into Satan’s plan and the temptations of the flesh.