The Antichrist… maybe already here! Who is he?

The question of the identity of the Antichrist has always been a topic of interest among the believers of Christ. In order to make an educated guess as to whom the most likely candidate is, critical thinking and open-mindedness are needed. To do this, it is crucial to maintain impartiality and not discard a potential candidate because of one’s bias.

As of recent, the idea that Emmanuel Macron, President of France, is a potential candidate for the role of being the Antichrist. To determine whether or not he fits the bill of the Antichrist, a series of points will be taken into consideration and listed below.

Emmanuel Macron

1. Name meaning

  • Emmanuel means “God with us”
    • Daniel 11 mentions the antichrist will present himself as God to people
  • Macron means “mark” (loose translation)
    • Can be attributed to the mark of the beast found in Revelation 13

2. Macron’s wife

  • 20 years his senior
  • Had unconventional love story that demonstrated libertarian p.o.v appealing to youth
    • Historically, Roman powers used senior female to attain the title of savior
  • Wife popularizes feminist and other unconventional movements

3. His birthdate

  • Born December 21st
    • A continuation within attributed Roman paganism from Dec. 25th
  • Antichrist has to be affiliated with Catholicism or Roman

Sources pointing to Macron’s candidacy to antichrist:

*Note: sources include scholarly and those presented by mainstream news for the purpose of presenting evidence to all sides

1. The Economist, Title: Europe’s Savior 2017

  • The cover portrays Macron walking on water as Jesus did

2. Source: Youtube, France 24 English (mainline news)

  • French newspapers compare president Macron to Roman god Jupiter
  • Macron is accused of having too much power

3. The Economist, Title: What Emanuel Macron’s hometown says about him

  • Youngest President of France; can be imitating Jesus at a young age
  • Pupil at private Jesuit school in Amiens
  • Ties to elites and power brokers
  • Worked as an investment banker at Rothschild

4. The Telegraph, Title: Emmanuel Macron accused of having state radio chief sacked to end rumor they had an affair, February 2018

  • Rumors of homosexuality
    • Daniel 11 mentions antichrist has no desire for women

5. Economic Times, Title: UN launches global push to accelerate production of virus vaccines

  • Macron tied to Gates and pushes for global vaccine

6. Politico, Title: How Emmanuel Macron became the new leader of the free world, April 2018

  • We can all live in a peaceful world by conquering and to conquer strategy (Revelation 6, 1 Thessalonians 5)

7. CNN, Title: Emmanuel Macron wins the presidency as France rejects far right, 2017

  • Presidential candidacy won with 66.06% of the vote

In spite of these points, the most important point we have to considerer in terms of qualifying someone as the antichrist is whether or not they have Jewish or Serian roots.

8. The Jerusalem Post: Emmanuel Macron’s Israel Ties

No direct Jewish roots found, however:

  • Israel at the center of economic cooperation with Macron’s election as president of France
  • Israel involved in elections in France
  • Seen as a model for Jewish people