The Antichrist… maybe already here! Who is he?

The question of the identity of the Antichrist has always been a topic of interest among the believers of Christ. In order to make an educated guess as to whom the most likely candidate is, critical thinking and open-mindedness are needed. To do this, it is crucial to maintain impartiality and not discard a potential candidate because of one’s bias.

As of recent, the idea that Emmanuel Macron, President of France, is a potential candidate for the role of being the Antichrist. To determine whether or not he fits the bill of the Antichrist, a series of points will be taken into consideration and listed below.

Emmanuel Macron

Macron’s name

Emmanuel, a name of Hebrew origin, is translated as “God with us”. This phrase is said to find echoes in the biblical Book of Daniel, Chapter 11, where it is prophesied that the antichrist will attempt to portray himself as God to the masses.

In another linguistic turn, Macron, albeit with some interpretive latitude, can be loosely translated as “mark”. This has led some to draw parallels with the ominous “mark of the beast” mentioned in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13.

Macron’s wife

The unique personal narrative of Macron’s wife, Brigitte Macron, also adds color to the overarching narrative. A woman who is two decades Macron’s senior, their relationship represents a departure from societal norms, potentially reinforcing a libertarian appeal among the younger demographics.

Brigitte Macron is also known for championing feminist ideals and encouraging unconventional societal movements, increasing her popularity and influence.

Macron’s birthdate

Finally, the birth date of Emmanuel Macron, December 21, adds another dimension to this narrative. His birthdate, just days away from December 25 – a date deeply embedded in Roman paganism and later appropriated by Christianity – has led some to posit a potential connection to Roman Catholicism.

The speculated requirement for the antichrist to be affiliated with Catholicism or Roman influence, as proposed by some interpretations of biblical prophecy, adds yet another intricate thread to this narrative.


Sources pointing to Macron’s candidacy to antichrist:

*Note: sources include scholarly and those presented by mainstream news for the purpose of presenting evidence to all sides

1. The Economist’s Depiction: Macron, Europe’s Savior?

The Economist’s 2017 cover notably depicted President Macron walking on water, much like the biblical figure, Jesus Christ. This portrayal has sparked speculation and debate among observers about its implications.


2. The Jupiter Comparison and Macron’s Power: Insight from France 24 English

YouTube’s France 24 English channel discusses French newspapers’ comparisons of President Macron to the Roman god Jupiter. Additionally, there have been allegations from political leaders and French citizens that Macron wields excessive power, further fueling these connections.


3. Home-Town Roots and Elite Connections: A Glimpse into Macron’s Early Life

A feature by The Economist explores Emmanuel Macron’s background, including his education at a private Jesuit school in Amiens. His early ties to elites, and later work as an investment banker for Rothschild, offer insights into the intricate tapestry of his life and influence.

4. Unfounded Rumors and Biblical Prophecy: The Telegraph’s Expose

A 2018 article by The Telegraph delves into rumors about Macron’s personal life, including allegations of homosexuality, drawing connections with passages in Daniel 11 that suggest the antichrist will show no desire for women.

5. Global Health Initiatives: Macron, Gates, and Vaccine Distribution

Economic Times reported Macron’s collaboration with Bill Gates on a global vaccine distribution initiative. This alliance and its international implications have also drawn scrutiny.

6. One-World Leadership: Macron’s Rising Stature as Highlighted by Politico

An article from Politico discusses how Emmanuel Macron’s influence and policies could position him as a leader of the ‘free world’, tying in with predictions of a one-world government leader from Revelations 6 and 1 Thessalonians 5.

7. Presidential Election Victory: Macron’s Decisive Win Reported by CNN

CNN’s coverage of Macron’s victorious presidential campaign, in which he won 66.06% of the vote, speaks to his popularity and political strength in France.

8. Israeli Connections: Macron’s Israel Ties Revealed by The Jerusalem Post

While Macron has no direct Jewish roots, The Jerusalem Post points out his active ties with Israel, placing Israel at the heart of economic cooperation following his legislative elections. His actions and relationships in this context have caused some to view him as a model figure among Jewish people.

One potential problem with his candidacy as the antichrist

In spite of these points, the most important point we have to consider in terms of qualifying someone as the antichrist is whether or not they have Jewish or Syrian roots, which in this case, he does not.