The King James Bible never says the word ‘sovereign’ not even once.

Interestingly, though, the preface of the King James says the word ‘sovereign’, which is in reference to a king.

Look at any dictionary, the word ‘sovereign’ means ultimate power for a king, it doesn’t mean in control of every little specific life.

God is truly sovereign, whatever happens in life, He’s still in control.

But to say that when we come down to the specifics, every teeny little detail that happens is God? Then that’s unscriptural.

Notice in 1 Kings 20:42, Ben-Hadad was appointed to destruction by God, but that was changed.

Notice in Jonah 3:4, in 40 days, Nineveh is supposed to be destroyed. But, in Jonah 3:10, God said He changed His mind.

Also, in the Book of Luke, Jesus admitted that chances can happen and that may not be of Him.

The evidence is 1 Samuel 6:9 where the Philistines recognized it’s either of God or by chance.