What are the three proofs that debunk Calvinism?

First of all, Calvinism teaches that the free will of man cannot go against the counsel of God. So, every will that is good or evil is underneath the counsel of God, that is not true.

In Jeremiah 19:5, notice that the evils that these people have done, did not even come into the mind of God, neither did He spake it.

Secondly, Calvinists, they teach that God only died for the elect, that’s not true.

In 2 Peter 2:1, notice that Jesus died for even the false teachers who are going to burn in hell. God died for all the lost world, not just the elect.

Thirdly, Calvinists teach that only God has the elect who are willing to be saved and to repent.

No, 2 Peter 3:9 says, “all should come to repentance”.

If that’s only the elect, then what about Revelation 2:21 where God gave Jezebel a space to repent, but she did not.

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