Unfortunately, throughout this coronavirus outbreak there are people taking advantage of this by making money, gaining attention, or getting more views and subscribers by claiming that they made prophetic predictions about the coronavirus.

Some of this is actually very deceptive because it seems like it’s very true and it can actually deceive gullible people who don’t have rational thinking, especially who aren’t grounded on the word of God and are Holy spirit-filled.

We are going to give some examples here and warn against some of these people that are spreading such a bad testimony of Christians, that even news media, liberals and atheists are trying to take advantage of.

Perry Stone

He claimed that he received this vision where the Wuhan coronavirus would empty out cities and people.

“I began to look and I was in a city, I was in the US city. Now I’ll be honest with you, it didn’t look like any city I recognized but it did have large city skyscrapers with modern buildings. And I remember looking at it and to my amazement, all the people were inside but there were nobody on the street and I mean nobody. There were no taxis in operation, no buses, no children playing on the sidewalks, no people shopping, I mean it was like this entire city was completely shutdown.”

Even if he claims that the coronavirus outbreak was a true prophecy but according to the word of God, a false prophet can still give a true prophecy at the book of Deuteronomy. How we know that he’s a false prophet is that if he contradicts the word of God and we can see that plainly over here. This is completely Catholic doctrine over here, that’s not the word of God.

Joseph Prince

He claims that he had a prophecy around 2018 that there’s going to be this new virus coming out, used by the devil, that natural scientist and medicine world cannot keep up with. So he tries to take advantage of that to spread fame with people. He also wants to spread around and have the video translated into different languages to gain more attention and followers.

He claims the promise of Psalms 91 for this. This is going around through onliners where they’re claiming Psalms 91 so that the coronavirus cannot infect them but we got to realize this, in 2 Corinthians 12, Paul, one of the greatest apostle and Christian who ever lived, prayed for God that he would be healed but he was not healed. That disease was sent from Satan and God said He would not heal that infirmity. Psalms 91 is not a doctrinal application to the Christian church today, it is an Old Testament passage for Old Testament Jews.

He gives one of the false teachings that saved believers will not be infected, he claimed Psalms 91 and then he gives a prayer that the disease will not harm the Christian believer and also the family.

We are not against praying that the Lord would protect us from the coronavirus and that we gain healing but it’s again like apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12, he prayed for healing but it was not God’s will. Sometimes even when we pray for healing, that does not guarantee 100% healing especially if you have a healer touching you. Those signs are long gone. That was back to the Jews, not New Testament Christians today. If you have any questions on that, you can watch ‘How to witness to charismatics’ under Pastor Gene Kim’s video. The only reason why they partook in signs and wonders was that it was a different dispensational time period for the Jews. As God turned from the nation of Israel to the Christian church, it’s no longer to us today.

“If you are attacked in your body a lot, it’s because new health is coming your way. If you respond with eyes of faith and look at the Lord, you’re going to turn the whole thing around here. All of a sudden you’re going to see all your diseases floating on the seashore, back and forth, back and forth, alright? Dead. Can I get a good amen? Stand to your feet as I rebuke this fear…”

Notice that he said that this disease that’s going to happen, it is going to kill more people than any other disease that’s before. That’s not true. Already people are comparing statistics of people who died with the flu and coronavirus so that’s obviously false. But even if coronavirus were to surpass the flu, there were diseases back in history that wiped out millions of people, the black plague, for example. So obviously this guy is giving a false prophecy.

That’s what Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists do, they take abstract prophecies that can fit with any event and try to find something true in the abstract prophecy that can fit with the event and make it true. But they ignore any part that is false.

  • Atheists and liberals will claim that the Bible is not a true book because you can see prophecies in there that match with some of these false prophets that made it abstract and fit with any event, and that became a bad testimony to Christianity and a disgrace to the word of God.

Kenneth Copeland

This is what he suddenly heard from God.

“Suddenly the word of the Lord came to me. So I jumped up and grabbed a notepad and wrote it down. 9:24 This disease called CODV19 will be over much sooner than you think. Christian people all over this country, praying, have overwhelmed it. Give me all glory, said the spirit of grace and many many people will come to know me through it. I am still lord over this nation, I’m on the throne and faith in me changes things…”

He says that because of the Trump administration, the coronavirus will not harm America because of the godly stand that people are doing at America.

Shawn Bolz

Mainstream news like Fox News posted an article about a different pastor named Shawn Bolz who said that ‘the Lord showed me the end of coronavirus’ so he gave the prophecy too.

” “We’re going to see it come to an end,” Bolz told Fox News. “It’s not going to be the pandemic that people are afraid of. “I do believe it’s the answer to prayer, with people of every type, Catholics and Christians, we can’t afford a moment of darkness in history,” he added. “God has a plan.””

This is already ruining the testimony of Christians around the world.

A lot of the liberal news media and atheists are taking advantage of this which is a bad testimony to Christians. If any people are upset about this rebuke against other pastors, please do understand that the people that the Lord Jesus Christ rebuked more than any person was not the prostitutes nor tax collectors, it was religious leaders. Why? Because they are responsible for sheep, for people’s souls. These pastors are supposed to be responsible for people’s soul and they’re supposed to feed the flock but they have rubbed dirt on the Christian church, ruined our testimonies and made an open prey and ridicule to the atheists and liberal world.

This is such a bad testimony for believers, please be aware of them. Warn others about them so that they can avoid these pastors. Please do whatever it takes to avoid them and become a bible believer.

Some of the things you’ve heard Pastor Gene talk about, can be found at “Amazing Dispensational Truth from Genesis to Revelation“, if you watch that video, it can be eye-opening about Bible-believing truth and it can help you to avoid 90% of wrong doctrine, if possible.