What, are you kidding me?

The queen is actually not dead.

Yeah, she is still alive.

In Jeremiah 7:18, they talk about making offerings of cakes to the Queen of Heaven.

Isn’t the Roman Catholic Church making a big deal by offering cakes in their sacrifice to the Queen
of Heaven, Mary?

The Bible says in Revelation 17:5, she is known as Mystery, Babylon the great.

There is no doubt the Vatican is Mystery Babylon.

Several identifying factors:

Verse 5. She is the mother. Isn’t Roman Catholic Church called the mother Church.

Verse 4. She is decked in purple scarlet color and makes a big deal about a golden cup. Doesn’t the Roman
Catholic Church make a big deal about it?

Verse 6. Isn’t the Roman Catholic Church known for Foxes Book of Martyrs?

Verse 9. Isn’t Rome known as City on Seven Hills?