Revelation 6:4 shows that when the tribulation starts, the whole world will be at war with each other.

But then again, there’s another world war in Revelation 19:11, Jesus Christ is making war with:

Verse 15, all the nations of the world.

So at the end of the tribulation, there’ll be another world war.

But then again, another world war.

At Revelation 20:7-9, Satan is loosed from his prison, and then he gathers the four corners of the whole world to battle against God, and they lose.

But then again, we might have even more world wars before these three world wars in the tribulation because we had World War I before the tribulation, World War II before the tribulation.

Who’s to say that there won’t be any other world wars before we get these other world wars in the tribulation?

So buckle your seat belts, you never know.