There have been many requests for Bible-believing resources. While we have a page about Bible-believing resources here on the website, we would like to add on the following with a little description for all the people who defend the word of God (KJV only) and they also rightly divide the word of truth (dispensationalists)

Pastor Dr. David Peacock

Pastor David Peacock trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour at the age of seven, when he was led to the Lord by his father, Ben Peacock, a Baptist Pastor and Evangelist. In March of 1992, Dr. Peacock founded and began pastoring the church while a Lieutenant with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office. He served as a policeman with a combined total of 3 years with both the Atlantic Beach and St. Augustine departments, and after 17 years of service with Jacksonville and the rank of Captain, the Lord led him to leave to continue his full-time Pastoring of the church.

Dr. Peacock earned his Bachelor of Divinity Degrees from the Blue Ridge Bible Institute and the Charity Baptist Bible Institute and Seminary. He earned his Master of Theology Degree in May of 1998, and his Doctor of Theology Degree in January of 2000, both from the Blue Ridge Bible Institute. Dr. Peacock served as the Vice President of BRBI while Dr. Lince was living and helped establish Bible institutes with Dr. Lince in the Philippines and Romania. It is Dr. Peacock’s desire to carry on with what Dr. Lince started, and he now serves as the President of The Bible Doctrine Institute (formerly BRBI).


Sermon Audio: David Peacock 

Church location: 3857 Hartley Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257

Pastor Dr. David Walker

Pastor Walker was born and raised in the middle Georgia area. He trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour when he was a child and was called to preach in his teen years.

He met his wife Christi while in Bible school, and graduated in 1995 from Pensacola Bible Institute with a Bachelor of Divinity degree. He later earned his Master of Theology degree and his Doctorate of Theology degree, both from the Blue Ridge Bible Institute (now The Bible Doctrine Institute).

Dr. David Walker has been the pastor of Calvary since June of 2004. He believes expository preaching and verse by verse Bible teaching are essential to the pulpit ministry.


Sermon Audio: David Walker

Church location: 285 Magnolia Street, Monticello, FL 32344

Pastor Alan Ryman


Youtube: FBCSmyrna

Audio (sermons): Private link

Church location: 1575 Bryn Zion Rd, Smyrna, DE 19977

Dilbert Terry


Youtube: TBCMissions

Pastor Joshua Stephenson

Pastor Stephenson received Christ as a young boy, and was raised in a Christian home. At the age of 16, in a preaching service for young people, he was called to full time Christian service. A few months later in his personal devotions, God laid on his heart, to start a church in El Cajon. Obviously, at 16 he was not ready to pastor, so he served God in the church he was in. At the age of 21, he headed off to Bible school with his entire family to learn the Bible under Dr. Peter S. Ruckman. While there, the Lord saw fit to take his father home to heaven due to pancreatic cancer. It was a very sad time in our pastor’s life. However, through it all, the Lord brought him the love of his life. He and his new bride, Shannon, both graduated from Pensacola Bible Institute, after only six months of marriage. Two days after their graduation, they headed out to California in a U-haul truck. Pastor Stephenson started as an associate pastor for a Spanish-speaking church, running the English-speaking ministry. This is where he “cut his teeth” in the ministry. After 4 ½ years, God leads him to start the Bible Believers Baptist Church in El Cajon.


Youtube: Bible Believers Baptist Church El Cajon

Church location: 315 Highland Avenue El Cajon, CA 92020

Pastor Randy Gorski

God gave me a beautiful godly wife on July 7, 2007 who has helped me also to stay on track with serving under Pastor Audie Yancey as a Youth Director for almost 5 years, preaching in the local prison, and retirement home, learning to be a soul winner, a street preacher, and now a pastor of AVKJBC. I am a graduate of The Bible Doctrine Institute under Pastor David Peacock in Jacksonville, FL.


Youtube: AV King James Baptist Church

Church location: 2850 B St, Rosamond, CA 93560

Jack Kraller

Youtube: Dream Team for Christ USA


Pastor Kyeong Kim

After studying in Boston, I studied accounting in graduate school and passed the CPA exam upon graduation. After that, I joined a CPA company and became a partner of the company, enjoying a successful life with a guaranteed future in the world. However, after I was saved at the age of 31 and started my life of faith, the Lord gave me passion and a burden for lost souls. That’s how I became committed as a minister. Through love for our people and God’s providential guidance, I studied theology and was ordained.

As the first Korean American pastor to be ordained and dispatched from the American Independent Baptist Church that believes in the Bible, I will do my best to establish biblical model churches in the Korean American community.


Youtube: Real Bible 1611