When a person says that, “You must repent, meaning that you have to stop sinning and then believe on Christ for your salvation,” stay away from that.

There’s a misunderstanding. Genesis 6:6 shows that God repented.

Does that mean that God turned from his sin, stopped sinning?

Obviously, it simply means a change of mind.

Jonah 3: 8,10 – If that definition applies to turn from your sins, God sees that as works.

Obviously Christians are not saved by works, but by faith, only in the Lord Jesus Christ, a person starts to repent as a sinner.

What they do is that they don’t stop sin themselves.

When they repent as a sinner, they simply believe on Jesus Christ.

They turn to God to get rid of their sin problem for salvation.

They don’t stop sinning first. Notice Acts 20:21 shows repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.


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