Welcome to the Bible-believing movement! The devil would like nothing more than to see you get deceived by some wrong doctrine or live a ruined life. And he has done a good job, because it is very difficult nowadays to find truth and work with the right kind of Christians. That is why it is very important to get involved in a Bible-believing work. This page is intended to provide as many Bible-believing resources for you to work with. In order to live a life full of truth and proper Christian growth, there are four things we strongly urge you to do, and we will provide the links below…

(1) Find a Bible-believing church near you. There is nothing faster and more helpful to learn all of truth and grow in grace than getting first-hand experience. So get involved with fellow Bible-believers and learn under a pastor. You cannot do well by just studying yourself and watching the internet.

(2) Study Dispensationalism. Failure of studying this subject has been the cause of every false religion and belief. It will help you distinguish from nearly 90% of wrong doctrine.

(3) Study the KJV Issue. All of truth and proper growth is found only in God’s words, but people cannot find it when they insist God’s words have mistakes. So they correct the KJV with modern bibles, opinions of scholars, and Greek and Hebrew interpretations.

(4) Study through only Bible-believing teachers. One must understand you cannot quickly get closer to truth when you get closer to wrong teachers. It will just waste more time to find what is truth. Many links are provided below to study, but we especially recommend the Ruckman Reference Bible, because it covers nearly everything in one book. If one feels uneasy with any teacher, make sure to not easily believe him or easily reject him. Instead, check what he says with the scriptures for truth and accept the result whether you like it or not.


Now stop doing nothing and get to work! Read the King James Bible daily, pray daily, do soulwinning, study more Bible-believing doctrines, and get involved in every work of a Bible-believing church you can attend. If you remain alone and still do nothing, there is a great chance for the devil to ruin your life again or deceive you with wrong doctrine again. You have only one life to live in full truth and full growth for the Lord, so live whatever years you have leftover for Him. Don’t waste your years again!


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Methods of overcoming objections

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